Coaching Packages

All Coaching Packages are month to month and you can start or stop at any time without penalty. 

Hi Friend,

All coaching packages involve a lot of time spent working closely with me on some level. 

To be sure we are a great fit for what you are trying to accomplish, I do require that you complete an application and a complimentary call with me to make sure we have aligned goals and the right chemistry to accomplish them together.



Prices range from $170 your first month with a $130 monthly payment thereafter, all the way to $499 monthly payments.

Discounts are given for paying for several months upfront.



All packages come with unlimited email or Messenger assistance, formulation, sourcing and marketing support.

Prices vary based on how many calls you choose to have per month.  The minimum number of 90 minute calls you get with any package is one call.

Bonus 1:  You also get the All Access Pass and retain access to it even after our coaching agreement has ended.

Bonus 2:  You have the option for call recording and receiving a robust email summary if desired, as long as it's stated before or at the beginning of the call. 

Click here to complete your application and schedule your call.​

These packages can only be booked after a complementary call to make sure that you are ready to put in the work, and pay all your costs for product making or manufacturing, and marketing.

The comp call is not a consultation per say, as much as it is a conversation for us both to guage whether this is a good fit for working together.

This is only for people who want to press hard on the gas and launch within a 4 month to 1 year time frame.