Your Beauty Roadmap Call

Watch this video if you prefer a more visual explanation of what happens during a Beauty Roadmap Call.  I will actually screenshare in the same manner I do on your call, a few minutes into this video.  :)

A 90 minute call via telephone or video conferencing. - $149

This is a great fit for you if you are:

- A great DIY’er. Have quite a bit of the puzzle pieces but just need a nudge, some tweaks and some guidance on how to complete your product (s) and launch.

- It also works well if you are not ready to commit to a full mentoring package, and just want a taste of what it is like to work with me with no holds barred assistance.

Bonus 1:  All calls are conducted via Zoom, thus have the option of phone or video conferencing, and a recording is automatically offered.

Bonus 2:  I also send a full, robust email write up of what we discussed, that includes links to any resources mentioned. This way you can relax and take it all in and only be focused on your questions instead of frantically notetaking.

All call summaries for the $149 call are sent within 24 hours of our call.

Curious about what this call entails?

We spend our time together on any area of your business you like. 

If you are altogether unsure what you would like to cover, I can tell within the first 5-10 minutes what would help you most for where you are.  Topics covered can include any of the following:

- DIY formulation and tweaking

- Niche consulting

- Ingredient mapping your product or line

- Manufacturing consulting

- Packaging and graphic design options

- Social Media Strategy

- Figuring out which platform suits your skillset and personality so you’ll do the work and be consistent

- Creating a Sales Funnel

- Website copy and review

If you have the All Access Pass, your rate for calls is $99 per call or $149 for 2 prepaid calls (scheduled whenever you like.)

If you choose a different payment form (Payoneer, Cashapp or Paypal - make sure you email me at so I can send you your link to schedule the call.  

Cashapp  - $EdenCroft

Paypal -


Use your credit card directly in Acuity Scheduling when you click on any of the links below. 

​$149 - Get a 90 minute, recorded Zoom Call.  You also get a copy of any documents we create together on the call and relevant links associated with the resources I refer you to on the call.


Upgrades - In addition to the recorded Zoom call, all investments can applied to your first month of coaching should you decide that you would like to move forward with that.


​$299 - Get up to 3 supporting Documents and a list of vendors and 30 days of unlimited email support.  


$499 - Get up to 10 documents, including a full shopping list spreadsheet with links to each ingredient and cost estimates already laid out for you. 

- This completes 80% of the process you'll need for pricing your formulas.  I literally save you a good 7 hours of work. 

- In addition to the 4 or more formulas you need to complete your line, you also get 90 days of unlimited email support.

- Optional bonus:  a Complimentary Mindset Reset session (valued at $199) as a bonus.

This bonus is only suitable for people who are spiritual but not religious.  You can still get the business strategy and formulation help you need from this session - even if you choose not to use the bonus.  If you are deeply religious you might not resonate with all of the techniques I use in this session to customize your mindset reboot. (See full description below)


$699 - Let's Go To Manufacturing Call - This is includes 3 hours of call time broken up into a 30 minute interview and a 150 minute presentation on Zoom.  You also get a full suite of documents afterwards.  ​  Email me at for more details about this consultation.


$199 - Mindset Reset Session. An hour-long call for which Zoom is optional.  We basically deep dive into the emotional and mental blocks you are encountering that are preventing you from moving forward with your business.  After 30-45 minutes in conversation I will offer you a customized prescription that will include the following:

- Up to 50 written affirmations that are specific to your goals and desired outcomes, that also reflect your spiritual beliefs.

- A done for you subliminal and out loud recording of your affirmations either in your own voice, or in mine.  It will be set to the music or nature sounds of your choosing and will have theta binaural beats interwoven into it to affect the subconcious mind.  This is at no extra cost to you - it is included with the consultation.  These are great for playing while you work at your desk, are doing housework, crafting your products, when you first wake up or are about to go to sleep, and even while driving.  They have been so transformative for my clients who have used them.

- the affirmations are delivered in either 5 days of receiving your voice recorded affirmations, or sooner if we are using my voice. ​

- a guided meditation, in my voice that is customized to your situation.  This is powerful to do once or twice daily - especially for 30 days straight to shift your self-image and start changing your behavior.​

- Custom essential oil prescription​.  This is a recommendation.  It is up to you whether you choose to follow through on it or not.


I hope to meet you on a call.  Until then - know that I am rooting for your victory.  Please keep pressing forward.

- Eden​