I'm excited to share with you an opportunity to have your very own CBD product, for hair or skin, fully formulated and manufactured, WITHOUT the usual startup costs.

This opportunity is right for you if:

- You are an Esthetician, Hair Stylist, Boutique owner, or are already a seller of physical products​ in person.  (ie you do pop up shops, trade shows, farmers' markets etc)

- You already have a physical location selling CBD products.​

- You reside in the United States.​

- CBD is legal to sell in your state.

- You are looking to add to the hair and or skincare options for sale at your establishment.

- You are looking to create more upsell opportunities.

- You would love to sell a legitimately manufactured​, fully formulated, innovative CBD skin or haircare product, WITHOUT the usual hefty investment and lengthy timeline that creating such a product incurs.

​While CBD is now legal in many states - there are still banking difficulties that CBD sellers encounter because of Federal regulations.  

Many banks and online platforms (including Amazon, Shopify​, Stripe etc) will not accept CBD sales.

However, if you tick any of the following boxes, you can work around the banking hurdles and still accept payments for a CBD product

- You work in or own an establishment with an existing Point of Sale System whereby the product can be listed in a non-descript way (hair serum, rejuvenating serum etc) without it raising alarm bells.

- You can accept cash payments

- You ​can accept Cashapp

- You can accept non-itemized Credit Card payments in person.

I have a manufacturing client who has successfully manufactured 10 products, including 2 CBD products, but because she is committed to selling exclusively online and doesn't want to deal with the banking hassles that online CBD sellers encounter, has decided to let go of her 2 CBD products.

This is what has created the opportunity for you to try the products at their wholesale cost, with the opportunity to buy them at an even deeper discount LATER should you decide you love them and want to private label or even take over the formula.​

I have tried the products myself and they absolutely do work.  There is one for skincare and another for haircare (hair loss/ hair growth),

You can learn more about the products in the links below​.

If you are interested in ordering the product at it's wholesale cost to try it out before committing​ to a larger order that makes you eligible for a deeper discount, please email me at eden@prosperinbeauty.com so that I can put you in touch with my client.

Thank you for your interest!


​Demystifying CBD - no it is not marijuana and contains no THC.

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