What if, within 4 months and for less than 500 bucks, you really could be selling a shampoo and conditioner, with your brand name on it,that you truly designed and made yourself?

Dear Friend,

If you are reading this letter,you have already exerted quite a bit of energy in your search to figure out how you can get your beauty brand started.

I can imagine where you are, simply because I have been there too.

I remember feeling stuck about how I could make my first conditioners and shampoos, and having no-one there to guide me.

Do you know deep down that you can do this, and that all you really need is help in figuring out HOW to do it?

Are you tired of offers that cost in the multiples of thousands, per product, when really your entire budget to start is way lower than that for your entire line of products?

Have you looked at free formulas for natural hair, maybe even tried some, but found that they didn’t quite work as well as you had hoped?

Perhaps you have bought manuals and courses designed for Caucasian hair and tried to tweak the heck out of it – to no avail, or perhaps gotten some results, but would rather not have to put that much work into your next product.

If any of that rings true for you then you are really going to love what I have put together for you today.

Want a peek at what's inside - sneak a look at a couple of pages here :)

As I said earlier – I once was where you are - dying to know how to make these freakin' products.

Other people who didn't seem all that sciencey were figuring it out.  

How hard could it be?

I was determined to figure out how to make my daughter’s hair products to keep her hair care pristine and chemical free.

There are a lot of fertility-robbing, cancer-causing, hormone-disrupting factors included in products – even those that are marketed to parents of infants and young children.

We were also super poor at the time (6 or so years ago) and I also wanted to save money.

It took me a year, but I was able to take my daughter’s hair from the picture on the left to the picture on the right – using products that I had made myself.

I’m talking store quality products, made right in my kitchen.

Listen, if you are looking for a cosmetic chemist – then you will need to look elsewhere – because I am not it.

I am a regular person, just like you and I specialize in teaching this stuff in plain old English that anyone can understand.

I give you the step by step, blow by blow, with all the science jargon demystified.

I have nothing against cosmetic chemists.

In fact – I consult with them regularly when I have questions, and frequently recommend people to them.

There is a place for cosmetic chemists in this world.

I will probably make a YouTube video about that, but this letter is not the place to ramble on about that.

What I do want to share in this letter, is that it is totally, legal, achievable and more than likely appropriate, for you to make things yourself, with the proper resources and guidance, from your own home, when you are starting out.

It just makes economic sense.

You know what you want to create, and hopefully who you want to create it for. (I teach that in the eBook as well – if you don’t know that.)

A chemist or lab will charge you, on average, about $175 per hour to try and reproduce the conditioner of your dreams, in real life.

You can spare yourself that expense in the three following ways:

1.  If you have already done the experimentation yourself, you save tons of money, even if you do choose a chemist, by taking them a completed formula to mass produce for you.

2.  You even save money, by taking something that is just close to your desired product, but needs a few tweaks to reach perfection.  (Remember you are paying them hourly.)

3.  You can save yourself some money by at least knowing the theory of what goes into a good conditioner, and having a working knowledge of what kind of ingredients you want in there, and in what proportions, for what purposes.

That way you aren’t paying someone $2500 (average cost per product) just to fool around trying to reproduce something that exists only in your head.

When you get to the point that your orders are consistent and growing and you are ready to press down on the gas and get your functional and tested sales machine to go faster – you can pay just for the manufacturing, and not for the creation.

Listen, this is a difference of thousands of dollars.

Maybe even ten thousand dollars if you are talking about a 4 product hair line.

No matter how you work any of the three above methods of shaving off the cost of working with a chemist – you will save money – to one degree or another.

That’s money that could be spent on marketing and branding.

You also will be so much prouder of yourself, for truly having made this product – yourself!

There is a credibility that you gain in the marketplace when that is something that you can say that you have accomplished.

So I have put together an eBook that is designed:

  1. To save you money.
  2. Spare you the trial and error headache of wondering whether this will work for natural black hair.
  3. To have finished, truly self-created products that you are selling in your hands within 4 months or less....all because you were smart enough to shave months off of the DIY learning curve that most people go through to master this.

Want a peek at what's inside - sneak a look at a couple of pages here :)

IF you are a motivated self-starter, your search for how to make a Holy Grail level conditioner ends here.

Finding my first, low cost $49 eBook was a game changer.  And it wasn't even geared toward our natural hair!

Imagine what this will do for you - to be able to go even faster without all the tweaking I had to figure out on my own.

If you need a shampoo to match that conditioner – I have that for you too in the bonus chapter of this eBook.

IF you have been feeling sad about missing the last Conditioner Base Block Live Workshop – or if you don’t have the time or means to travel to Phoenix for an in person workshop, you needn’t feel loss about it anymore.

I include how to make and use the base block in this book.

If you are worried that if lots of people buy this book – how could you possibly make unique products, then fear not.

There are templates as well as actual formulas for everything.

Templates allow you to design your own formula, whereas formulas are exact recipes that you can follow.

Because there are hundreds of oils and botanicals that exist, it becomes impossible, by pure math, to fail to come up with a unique formula.

Speaking of oils and botanicals – I have chapters on oils, butters and botanicals that include dozens of choices in each category that I have either personally used or researched for other clients.

You are the master chef in this situation.

You get to decide based on what is appealing to you.

If you are thinking – “Well what texture of hair will these formulas work on?” – because not all black natural hair is the same, allow me to speak frankly when I say I know what you mean.

I have designed this to work on hair types 3b through 4c – and I share with you the tweaks you need to perform for each hair type.

I have almost all these hairtypes in my multicultural family. You don’t have to tell me twice that their conditioner needs are different.

So no worries there.

See what I mean when I say "I understand the struggle?"

I know what the hurdles are that you may be trying to overcome because I have been there.

Your final question may be well "How can I know if the stuff you make and sell is any good, Eden?  I don’t know you from Adam and I have never tried any of your products."

 That’s a fair question, my friend.

Very fair.

I did a soft launch of my own hair product line for kids and sold that consistently for about 18 months.

We are just getting the logistics in place for a bigger launch later this year.  

Below you will find what customers had to say about my line during the test phase.

"I spent a few hours pre-pooing, clarifying, detangling and conditioning my two daughters' hair and I can honestly say that my daughters now have healthy, happy, hair."

"I love the lavender smell of the products."

"Just used Eden's product line for litte girls- Oggboo - Organic Goo for Your Boo. I have to say, the artwork on the bottle is beautiful and it is what drew me in."

"It was a lovely exchange and she even included a note and some extras in the box."

Ayida Honor


"We love the co-wash! After undoing my daughter's night time braids I didn't even have to remoisturize her hair in the morning."

"I've used just about every curly hair product on the market. I've been using curly hair products for 30 years and have never used a product as effective as Oggboo."

"We have used the co-wash. It is exactly what curly heads need! The smell is what you actually want your hair to smell like. It is natural and fresh. No chemical fragrance. The quality is way above top of the line!!!"

"I hope you get this in the curly hair of millions! It's literally what we all need :) Thank you Oggboo! Please never stop making this!"

​ LaNita Nash​

Essential Juices and Smoothies

Portland, OR​

Additionally – I have made private label products for others – for years.

I have a testimonial from one of my absolute favorite clients below.

I share that one in particular, because in addition to being my first client, it was the product that truly allowed me to go through all the steps and grow into myself as a legit beautypreneur.

You can do this too, my friend. It is not magic.

It is formulaic.

Just follow the steps.

I know you are smart. I know you want this more than anything because you are still reading this doggone letter.

Uninterested, unmotivated people do not read letters this long. Real talk.

But enough about me.

After you scan through these testimonials, let’s get back to you.

"I have been using Eden's shea butter since she invented it here.  It is the best of all shea butters."

Rabbi Gabriel Cousens

M.D., M.D.(H.), N.D.(h.c.), D.D., Diplomate Ayurveda,

Tree of Life Rejuvenation Center -  Founder​

"Pure, Simple and Divinely whipped ... Eden's dream butter is a staple at the 'Tree of Life Shoppe."

"Rave reviews are always flying around the shoppe ... Our Desert Wonder .... "

Shanti GoldsCousens M.A.​

Creator of Invincible Essences

Co-Director -

Tree of Life Rejuvenation Center

"Our guests frequently try other shea butters after leaving our center, but they always end up calling to order more of ours.  They say that nothing else compares."

- Former Tree of Life Shoppe Manager​

If you want people saying this about you, and your products, then go ahead, and purchase the ebook today.

You won’t regret it.

I am so sure you will get what you need that I am offering a 60 day money back guarantee.

Yup – 60 days is more than enough time to go through the book;  Get enough info;  Make decisions;  Order ingredients;   Try a few experiments; Get feedback in the private Facebook Group that you will get to join.

If you do all that and you find yourself unhappy with this eBook – I will give you your money back no questions asked.

So what do you have to lose, friend?

Not a darn thing. Not even $49.

Because if this eBook works for you, and it will if you actually open it and do the work, $49 will be nothing compared to the cost of ingredients, packaging, labels etc.

I would rather you save your hundreds of dollars for that, if you don’t in fact need a lot of hand holding.

If you feel that you need more guidance then perhaps coaching (in a group or 1 to 1) is a better solution for you.

As a special one time offer – I am opening up a complimentary one hour coaching session to a handful of action-takers who jump on this eBook right now.

I ordinarily charge $185 for a one-off coaching session.

Information does not have to cost a lot, in my opinion.

And if you are willing to do the work, information is often free.

But even then – you are paying with time instead of dollars.

Getting one hour of my devoted time, after you have read this book, is something that will really help to catapult you forward. I am sure of it.

The ball is in your court, my friend.

If that extra help with implementation feels important to you, then you will want to purchase today before all the free coaching spots get scooped up.

Below is a list of all the chapters included.

I really hope that today is the day you will decide to stop spinning your wheels, get focused and go directly to the source of what you need to know to have your hair product line up and running as soon as 3 to 4 months.

If you really are serious about throwing your hat in the natural hair products ring, then today you have a decision to make.

You can press down on the gas and go high speed towards your dream by gifting yourself this eBook today.

Want a peek at what's inside - sneak a look at a couple of pages here :)

Here is the list of what you will find in the book

Chapter 1: Components of a Conditioner

Chapter 2: Conditioner Base Blocks - The Foundation of Formulating With Ease

Chapter 3: Amazing Botanicals for Curlies

Chapter 4: Incredible Oils for Curlies

Chapter 5: Ingredients to Avoid

Chapter 6: Intuitive and Insightful Ingredient Mapping

Chapter 7: Templates

Chapter 8: Formulas

Chapter 9: Resources (Where to buy stuff)

Chapter 10: Bonus Chapter – Shampoo Primer I

If you have any questions or concerns – then shoot me an email at eden@prosperinbeauty.com and I will answer them.

Best wishes