Etsy-Ready by Black Friday

You know it's coming.

Every year it kind of sneaks up on us....with the presales before the event, then Cyber Monday and the after sales, after the fact.  LOL

Yet every year, I come accross potential entrepreneurs, who for several years in a row just suck in their teeth, and declare "next year, that will be me."   I have a whole year to prepare after all.  If this is you, let's not do this again this year.  Please.  You know that this is the biggest retail event, online and in-stores of the year, at least in the United States, anyway.  The online game is fast over-taking the in-store frenzy.  Launching during a season where people are feeling a lot more spendy is a smart move.    The key is to do it strategically, and to make sure you put yourself in a spot where there will be a lot of traffic.

I am opening up space to guide a set number of entrepreneurs from zero to having 2 wonderful products and a ready for business Etsy Store

So Why Etsy

Why not Amazon, or your own website.

Both of those are not only fine, but in the long run they are vital to your success in any industry that involves selling physical products.

The thing is that when Etsy is done right, it has the following advantages:

- it is a much friendlier algorithm to the beginner than Amazon.

- People go on Etsy to shop, with their credit card on hand.  They are not usually just browsing as they might do on your website.  People go to Etsy to look for something specific, and maybe even unique.

ink of it as a Yellow Pages, but prettier and with buy buttons.

So read - free traffic.  There are ways once you're on their to lead people to your website and your email list, but you've got to start somewhere and Etsy is a low barrier to entry.

Why 2 products?  

Because I know that realistically...anyone who is focused can accomplish this in 4 months, and with my help, unless you never do any of your homework and consistently flake on your calls, then it's virtually impossible to not create 2 products and not have a store set up for you by Black Friday.

What do you get when you sign up

Eight 90-minute calls, strategically placed at each milestone where we interact closely via phone or video chat (I use Zoom) to build your brand, brick by brick.

Unlimited email and FB Messenger texts between our calls so I can help you implement your homework.  I am highly available to my clients within reason of course.

Help ingredient mapping and creating a detailed shopping list for 2 products - be they handmade by you or bulk bases that I help you tweak to make them your own.

Formulation and pricing help as needed.

A done for you - fully optimized Etsy Store