Welcome to the Cleansers Module!

Video 1:  Introduction to the Cleansers Module

Video 2:  What is a Clarifying Shampoo?

Video 3:  What is a Moisturizing and or Detangling Shampoo?

Video 4:  Basic Equipment Needed for Formulating

Video 5:  Understanding Weight vs Volume Measurements Using 4 Different Ingredients

Video 6:  Measuring and Pricing An Oil Extract

Video 7:  Thickeners for Hair Products

Video 8:  Making a Basic Shampoo from Thickener/ Concentrate

Video 9:  Reverse Formulating our Basic Shampoo from Thickened Concentrate

​Click here to download formula for basic shampoo

Video 10:  Calendula Hair & Body Wash Demo

Click here to download Calendula Hair & Body Wash Formula

Video 11:  Ayurvedic-Inspired Moisturizing & Detangling Shampoo.

Click here to download formula for Ayurvedic-Inspired Shampoo

Video 12:  Shampoo Q & A