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What Do You Get When You Sign Up For Freedom Through Beauty

Over the course of 16 weeks, you will have access to the content listed below, in that order

Week 1

Niche Selection Workshop

Mindset Workshop – Getting Primed For Success

Week 2

Ingredient Mapping Workshop for Designing Your Line

Botanical Extracts Workshop – Creating and Sourcing, and when to do which.

Understanding the Components of Skin Care Products Workshop

Understanding the Components of Natural Hair Care Products Workshop

Mindset Workshop – Fitness & Nutrition for Goal Getters – Guest Coach - Teurai Chanakira from Fitness to A Tee

Week 3

Pricing Workshop – How to source your ingredients and get the best pricing.

- Creating a comprehensive shopping list.

Group Q & A

Mindset Workshop – Priming the mind for Productivity

Week 4

Implementation Week – Group Q & A

Mindset Workshop – Connecting Your Brand to a Higher Purpose

Mindset Workshop – Nation building for Christian Couples – Guest lecturers

Week 5

Cleansers Week

- Understanding the different types of cleansers: Soap; Face & Body Wash; Shampoos (clarifying and moisturizing/conditioning); Vinegar Rinses & Clay Masks

- New Recipes will be added to the Formulary

- Mindset Workshop – Ask Better Questions

Week 6

Splashes, Toners & Refreshers

- Understnding the different types of aqueous refreshers for skin and hair.

- Components of a skin care refresher.

- Components of a hair care refresher.

- New recipes will be added to the Formulary

- Group Q & A

Week 7


- Components of a conditioner

- The Conditioner Base Block

- Different Types of conditioner – (Detangling/ refreshing spray; Light leave-in; Creamy leave-in; Cowash (2 types); Deep Conditioner; Rinse Out Conditioner

- Proportions of the different conditioners

- New Recipes will be added to the Formulary

- Group Q & A

Week 8

Creams & Lotions

- Understanding the different types of skin creams – facial creams (day and overnight creams); Body creams & lotions; Baby Creams

Week 9

Skin & Hair Oils

- Different types of oil products – treatment vs finishing oils for the skin and hair

- Compendium of Carrier Oils and Botanicals

- Infusing herbs into oils

- Preservatives vs Stabilizers

- Essential Oils

- Natural Fragrance Extracts

- Non-toxic, natural/ plant-based fragrances

- New recipes Added to Formulary

- Group Q & A

Week 10

Hydrating Aqueous Serums & Primers for Skin & Hair

- Purpose of an aqueous primer for skin

- Purpose of an aqueous primer for hair

- Components of a skin serum

- Components of a curl primer

- New recipes added to Formulary


Week 11

Anhydrous Products for Skin and Hair

- Basic components of anhydrous products

- Different Types of anhydrous products (lip balm; healing salves; pomades; hair grease; whipped butters.)

- Group Q & A

- New recipes added to Formulary

Week 12

Creamy Hair Stylers

- Different kinds of creamy stylers

- Components of a hair cream

- Classic Curl Cream

- Twist Out Cream

- Moisturizing Hair Cream

- Light leave-in

- New recipes added to Formulary

Week 13

Hair Gels

- Components of a Hair Gel

- Different kinds of hair gel – Edge control; carbomer-based (like EcoStyler); Flax-based gels; Pectin-based gels; Seaweed-based gels

- Formulation tricks for hair gels

- New recipes added to Formulary

- Group Q & A

Week 14

Baby/ Mama Products

- Belly butters

- Diaper Rash creams

- Diaper Spray

- Baby Hair & Body Wash

- Leave In Conditioner

- Hair & Body Lotion

- Baby Curl Cream

- Healing herbs for mamas and babies

- Sleep Aids

- Pregnancy Facial Skincare

- Herb and essential oil restrictions for childbearing (pregnancy & nursing) plus for infants and toddlers.


- Soapmaking Workshop

- Bulk base review

- Bows & Headbands

- Room Scents – (Potpourri; Reed Diffusers; Incense; Candles; Sachets; Linen Spray; Air Freshener; All-purpose Household Cleaner.)

- Marketing Modules

Weeks 15 & 16

- Find Your Unique Voice & Lean on Your Strength: Creating an Authentic Marketing Strategy that Energizes You, and that You Can Feel Proud Of

- Q & A to review all lectures and guest coach workshops in the marketing modules.

What is in the Marketing Modules?


Email Audios

Email Videos

Alexa Skills

Google Assistant





Creating Self-Care Course Opt-ins






Canva for beautiful graphics

Creating a magazine


How to Conduct A Giveaway

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