The Masterclass Bundle for Hair Products

Do you tend to get frustrated with the hair care lines out there?

Maybe you’ve thought about creating something for yourself, or even to sell to others?

If you're serious about creating a product line for natural, afro-textured or curly hair...​

Forget these bundles​

Here’s the only bundle you need to create a product line for natural, textured hair. 

Whether you intend to handcraft your own artisanal products or plan to work with a manufacturer, this bundle will give you full understanding of how each product is formulated, and thus give you creative control, over what you design.

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$350 value bundled at the attractive, one-time price of $99

Masterclass, Book or Course

Strong Foundations Course

Start your business off the right way.  This course helps you with niching, messaging, ingredient mapping and pricing for profit.

Shampoo Course

Everything you need to create any type of liquid shampoo.  Yes....any.  Even that kind.​

Conditioner eBook

As always, scientific terms are broken down into plain English.  Categories of ingredients that compose a traditional conditioner are identified and their purpose explained.  Templates and recipes for all types of conditioners and shampoo included.  ​

Shampoo Bar​ Masterclass

Learn how to make 2 kinds of solid shampoo bars.  Eco-friendly and still not enough of these on the market.​

Conditioner Bar Masterclass

Learn how to make 2 kinds of solid conditioner bars​.  Stand out in the market with something different and eco-friendly.

Hair Refreshers Masterclass

One of the most underrated products on the market for giving a person great moisture levels in their styling products line-up.  Great class also for those seeking to master a leave-in conditioning spray.​

Create the Perfect Curl Cream Masterclass​

​This class will guide very specifically through making curl creams for all textures of hair.  It is also the key to understanding how to make a moisturizing hair cream.

Create a Premium Hair Oil Masterclass

Learn how to make your hair oil highly effective and distinct in the market by choosing the right carrier oil combination, then enhancing it with botanicals and essential oils for that extra pow.​

Deep Conditioner Class

Learn the keys to making a deep conditioner.  Both hydrating and protein treatments are covered.

Hair Gels Masterclass

Learn how to make strong hold gels, (traditional), soft hold gels (alternative/ natural ingredients), and 2 types of edge control gel.

BONUS COURSE:  Haircare Formulation Unlocked

I show you step by step how to formulate 5 different products to form a complete line.  See how easy it is to make up your own formulas if you so choose.

​Complimentary Power Hour

One hour where you get to pick my brain and ask me anything you like.  All topics are welcome from formulating to marketing.​

Private Facebook Group

This private group is for serious clients and students only, and I show up there almost daily to answer questions.  Bonus secret pdf’s and videos exist in there too, not to mention awesome people who are a little further along than you who are always willing to help.  #community

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$19 ​

$19 ​


$19 ​




​The classes in this bundle have helped many of my clients plan, formulate and launch their own natural hair care line. From idea to sold, this bundle is all you need to create and sell your own products!

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​Even if you're headed to manufacturing, my classes will help you with researching ideas and creating preliminary ingredient and formulation blueprints.  This can potentially save you hundreds, if not thousands of dollars in research and development hours with a chemist.

It also helps you feel empowered in knowing that you have full input into your line, which is literally priceless!

Grab the bundle, pull up a seat and let’s weave your next power move together.​