Welcome to Module 2 - All About Ingredient Mapping Your Beauty Line

Video 1:  What is Ingredient Mapping and Why Does It Matter?

Video 2:  Understanding the Chemical Components of a Haircare line.

In this video I explain the moving parts of an effective haircare line that are NOT botanicals and oils. 

Sure, the natural stuff is the star of the show and should be the bulk of what goes into a container, however, if we only mixed oils and botanicals, we might end up serving people bottles of salad dressing.  :) 

What are the gentle chemicals that tie all these natural goodies together, into products you and I recognize and would happily pay for?

Video 3:  Understanding the Chemical Components of a Skincare Line

Just as for the haircare mavens amongst us, let's break down the components of a skincare line just as we did above.

This video is not mine - but it gives a nice little overview of the Skin Deep Tool.  I use it to decide whether a new (to me) ingredient is safe enough to use in products I am creating with the intention of being as organic and natural as I can make them. 

I recommend that most of your product be at a 0 or 1 (mostly oils and botanicals) then 2-4% be at a 4 or under.  Nothing in the 6-10 range should appear in your natural products.  It is just not necessary. 

Consult with me for a suitable replacement, if you are having trouble finding ingredients that are acceptable.

Look out in EMAIL and the FACEBOOK group for the following items that will help you complete your ingredient mapping homework for this module.

- FFC Primer for Ingredient Mapping - PDF

-Botanicals Primer - PDF

- Carrier Oils Primer- PDF

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