Create Your Own Luxury Facial Oil

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Here's your chance to create a luxury facial oil that is: 

- Game-changing for your customers.

- Truly herbal.

- Truly 100% natural.

- 98% organic. 

- Can stand alone or be the anchor product of your upcoming line. 

- Blend in easily with an existing line.  

​In this class you will learn: 

- How to create an oil so impactful and effective that you create raving fans with a high retention rate. 

- The Prime anti-aging herbs that will help to elevate the both the perceived value of your product and the medicinal potency of your oil. (How to source,combine and extract them gently into oil, and then price the botanical extract accordingly.)

- The best essential oil blend to include for anti-aging & aromatherapy benefits. 

- Optional botanical and vibrational upgrades that can help to protect the integrity of your oil, and make sure you delivering the purest offering to your valued customer.

Packaging ideas and options. 

- Step by baby step walkthrough of the making of the product.

- Done for you pricing so you don't have to wrack your brain trying to crunch those doggone numbers. 

I'm basing this class on the 12 or so MOST FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS about making oil blends. 

So yes.  This will answer them. 

Yes - even that one - LOL.

If it does not - you can email or message me your question for a guaranteed answer on the call or after it.


- A 25% off coupon valid for all of my products and services until August 3rd, 2019.

- Access to my private FB group where I and a whole host of very capable beautypreneurs are available for questions and support.  I also have a stash of secret VERY helpful files stored only in the group.

Why does this class only cost $9

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Because I would like to capture your attention, and earn the opportunity to share with you the exact oils that I am using that are changing my life. 

- They have cleared my skin (which had a crazy breakout that I've been enduring for months,)  within days by at least 50%, and it is continually improving.

- They have kept me caffeine free for days at a time.  If you're on my email list, you know how I am about my coffee.

- I have been eating so much cleaner and am already feeling weightloss benefits because the oils have helped me curb cravings.

- and that's just some of the benefits.

Come to the class and I'll gladly share more. 

You have nothing to lose by investing in a $9 class that I'd normally sell for much more, covering something you've been dying to learn.​

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