Make and Sell Your First Oil Blend.

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So what is the deal with this workshop?

WHAT:  A Recorded Online Masterclass For the Express Purpose of Taking You from Confusion & Overwhelm to A Product in Hand & Real Sales

WHERE:  From the Comfort & Convenience of Wherever You Are

WHEN:  You have lifetime access to this workshop and its supporting materials.  You can view and review it at your convenience.

Help implementing Info:  You will have access to me via email, and to your peers (as well as myself) in my private, students-only FB group.


- Because you’ve been thinking of how to start your natural hair or skincare line for months now, maybe even a year. You’re up to 6 different products in your head. You just don’t know where or how to start.

Instead of overthinking this to death and never getting started, let me step in to help you real quick, before you psyche yourself out of this.

This is way easier than you think. In your head it’s complicated.

In real life, it’s simple.

Start with an oil.

Yes – an oil.

- Because ​you want to create a facial skincare or bath and body line, but you have no idea how a facewash or shower gel is made.

-Because you are terrified of the idea of lotion or crème, because that means emulsion, which means science, which means "Unh-uh."

Hair care line?

Same deal. Maybe even worse because there is the hair texture differential thrown into the equation.

Yup. It's definitely way worse.

- Because you want a straightforward answer about how much it will actually cost you to do this and how much time it will take.  No more feeling like you're wandering into a mysterious black hole.

Do you know that whether for face, hair or body, a great oil blend is the cornerstone of a truly natural beauty regimen?

Oils are not just for moisturizing.

They are also used for cleansing, protecting both skin and hair, treating “conditions”, and delivering nutrients.

Oils are the perfect answer for purists who don’t want to hear of or touch anything “chemical.”

Oils are so easy to blend and infuse, that even if you think you’re the biggest scaredy cat – you can master them in an afternoon.

Of all your materials, oils are super easy to source in bulk, no matter where in the world you reside, reasonable in cost and ridiculously easy to package at home, even en masse.


So here are your options:

The DIY Bootstrap Way

I would be a liar if I said you couldn’t do this yourself. Of course you can.

Here is what you should do if that is what rocks your boat.

Watch all my free oil-related videos. Read all my oil-related posts. Google places to buy bulk oils. Drop a few hundred bucks ordering different oils and spend months experimenting with them. Follow that up with 10 or more hours of research. Struggle through pricing things. Finally order your ingredients. Set up a store. Struggle with marketing. Eventually figure it out and have a breakthrough.

Approximately 6 months to 1 year if you’re laser-focused.

The "Do It With Grace & Ease" Way

Let me shave off a good few months of research and hundreds of dollars of experiments for you.

Take my $39 workshop, and leave with a solid gameplan in as little as 4 hours.

There is no money back guarantee on this one. At this price , you honestly have nothing to lose.

Just look at the nuggetry you will walk away with below.

The difference between taking this workshop and just doing it yourself from scratch (unless you've been crafting for a while) is the difference between being in a strange town with no road signs, and being in a new town with clear street signs, and in possession of a very good map.

What You Will Gain From This Workshop – Upgraded or Not.

  • Leave with a solid idea of how to sell your product before you have even made it.
  • How to pick a niche and make products tailored to that niche.
  • How to determine which oils go together and why.
  • How to pick a theme, and map the botanical ingredients of your entire product line by using the your oil as an anchor product, that ties the whole line together.
  • How to choose the right herbs, carrier oils, scents and essential oils if desired.
  • How to make your oil special so you can differentiate yourself in the marketplace.
  • How to save money on extracts so you can pocket more profit.
  • How to make education the foundation of your marketing, and choosing marketing tools that are easy and suitable for your personality.
  • How to shop for and price your product in a way that is truly profitable.
  • How to get from concept to cash in 5 months or less.

Ingredient and packaging resources for the following regions will be included:

- United States and Canada

- United Kingdom

- Australia

- Nigeria

- South Africa

You will benefit from the class even if you are outside of these areas, but in terms of ordering information, my research is currently limited to these countries, so you will either need to feel comfortable ordering from there, or doing your own ingredient sourcing research.

This workshop consists of a 4-hour recorded Masterclass.

You will have lifetime access to the recording and accompanying worksheets.

The "Let Me Hold Your Hand" Way.

Yup. A simple upgrade of $499 for just an oil, or $699 for an oil and whipped butter – means you have regular contact and access to me from start to finish.

Meet my coaching client Miriam, who is based in Zimbabwe.  Within just 4 months of our first phone call, she had a finished product and had made her first 5 sales.

She is now working on expanding to retail shelves in a neighbouring country​.

​When we first interacted, she was just figuring out what she wanted to do and how she would do it.  She signed up for coaching after taking a workshop similar to this one I am offering you.

In her own words​, here is how she describes the experience of working one-on-one with me:

I will help you;

- come up with your niche concept.

- ingredient map around it.

- create a winning formula/ recipe for your signature oil blend.

- Create a comprehensive shopping list, complete with ingredients, quantities, vendors, down to the dollar amount.

- Decide on a price that is fair to the consumer and still profitable to you.

- help you figure out packaging, the best-selling platform for your resources and location.

- a solid marketing plan that suits your personality and communication strengths so you can sell to your first customer within months.

If you are strongly considering mentoring, and know that you will have money for ingredients even after you pay for coaching, but just want to be 100% sure that this is the right move for you – you are welcome to schedule a call to chat about it with me, just so that you are completely confident when signing up.

Just email me at eden@prosperinbeauty.  Put the word "Mentorship" in the subject line so I can find your message easily. 

Please note that these spots are only for people seriously considering mentoring.  I will open up free calls for everyone in early 2019, when my schedule frees up again.

 I am limited in terms of how many 1-on-1 clients I can serve at a time. Once I reach capacity, I won’t take anymore oil coaching students until my current group completes their launch cycle and some spots open up.

I hope to see you in class, ready to make and sell your first product.



Once you sign up you will receive a couple of emails with details of how to access the class. If you have opted for mentorship, you will receive an email with an invitation to put yourself in my schedule for your first coaching call.


My name is Eden Croft, and for over 20 years I have been making , selling and now teaching DIY natural beauty products.

 I live in Phoenix, AZ with my husband and 2 young kids.

I regularly annoy my family and friends by going into a daze in the beauty aisle of any store, staring at bottles, wondering how I can make this cleaner, lovelier, even more effective and less expensive.

They are RELIEVED you will be taking this class, and maybe even joining the FB group, because I have talked to them about hibiscus flowers and shea butter until they were blue in the face.

I hope to see you in soon, ready to make and sell your first product.