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Bulk Bases – Lesson 1

Welcome and Thanks for joining me on this audio course on How to get your natural hair product line started with more speed and ease and less money than you think.

Unless you found me from my youtube video on bulk bases – you are for sure going to want to know about bulk bases.

There are companies that sell pre-made formulations of hair products in any quantity you need and all you have to do is pour it into your chosen container and slap your own brand label on it. That’s it. You have a product.

Some of these companies also sell pre-packaged products that are ready for your label as well.

You can buy not just conditioners and shampoos, but styling products, as well as bath and body bases, by the ounce, by the gallon or in even larger quantities.

The more you buy – the better the price per ounce you get, and therefore the better your profit margin.

Sounds like a God Send doesn’t it?

It is – but you should definitely know the following caveats to using bulk bases.

1. You must study ingredients!

Ladies. Gentlemen. You have got to start becoming an ingredient geek. Go to the resources provided in the pdf download and start learning about what all these ingredients do. Each item is thoroughly explained by each business selling the item in question.

An easy shortcut is to look at free formulas for ethnic hair – then look up each ingredient in the formula and then it becomes easy to understand why it is there.

Study the botanicals. Study the oils.

This way – when you peruse bulk base offerings amongst the various sites – you will instantly be able to tell whether something is a contender just by the ingredient listing. This will really help you narrow your samplings down from dozens to just a handful.

It will also allow you to recognize formulations that even though they are marketed towards skin – can actually work really well for natural hair.

It also empowers yuou to know how to tweak something that is close…but not quite there. These small tweaks can help your product stand out from a market of look-alikes.

2. Full Disclosure

You have got to reveal to your customer base where you have created a formula yourself versus when you have sourced a bulk base that you love.

People are not stupid. They can read ingredient labels. If your customer is forced to figure out for themselves or through the grapevine that you have sourced a bulk base, before you yourself reveal it to them, it is going to make you look bad. Even though you are not doing anything wrong.

Not everyone in the world wants to make their own product or even have their own line. Most people just want to walk into a brick or mortar joint, or log onto their favorite online store and purchase the fruits of someone else’s labor. That’s the truth. That’s what keeps the wheels of this hair product industry turning.

So if you are honest with your customer and say look, I found a formulation that I absolutely adore, that I was able to private label and share with you for your convenience etc etc. They will appreciate that and not even think twice about the fact that it’s a bulk base.

Take the wind out of the sails of your haters…before they even get started hating.

3. Use bulk bases as finishing touches to a self-formulated line. Do not make them the foundation of your line.

You risk being taken out by someone who knows how to market the exact same product you sell, way better than you. Then you are left with nothing to stand on.

You want to create a few unique products of your own first – and let bulk bases be 1-3 products that you either don’t know how to make just yet, or that you just plain don’t feel like making.

Eg – you have a great line of oils and butters.

Bulk bases can then be a conditioner and a styling gel.

You get the picture.

Use blulk bases to complement your line – not to comprise it. – and of course start by ordering enough to try out on yourself and your clients before committing to a larger quantity – just in case you hate it. I know it seems obvious – but I have seen enough people make this mistake

Okay – thanks for tuning in. I hope this lesson was helpful to you – Let’s connect again in the next lesson which is all about finding formulas that work for natural curly, coily, afro-textured hair.

Lesson 2 - Where to Find the Best Formulas for Natural Black Hair

Ok. So I get this question like all…the time. There are two ways to find good formulas for black hair. No – really 3 ways, actually.

1. Ingredients to Die For

You can tell from some of the reviews on their bases that they have experience and expertise in formulating for us.

I threw a link to their site in the pdf report which I hope by now you have downloaded.

As a person who has formulated for people of color for some years – I can tell at a glance that the proportions in some of their ingredients in their free hair care formulas look legit.

I would say that is a good place to start – then tweak from there.

If you are on my list – and you get as far as doing that – I invite you to sign up for a free call or hit reply to any of my emails and I will help you with that. The sad thing is that honestly most people don’t even get that far.

Go figure. Hopefully that’s not you.

2. Buy courses, books and formulas geared specifically towards our hair type.

Listen. How much time do you want to spend tweaking. Especially if you are already scared. Get help so you can move faster. Information is free. Good information can be inexpensive. I do not charge much for information and I give some of my best info away for free.

What is not free is time. In life you are either paying with time – or paying with money. So I charge less money for info and more money for time (one on one and group coaching, systems I have created that have taken me a lot of time to create)– because I cannot replicate my time.

When you hop on a free call I give resources (not just mine) that are dirt cheap – that have great – legit info – to get you started. All of them are $30.

3. Play with ingredients.

Study ingredients on their own as well as in formulation. This trick will really help you understand how the ingredient FEELS beyond what it does as described on the website.

Throw aqueous extracts and cosmetic chemicals in a DIY curl refresher and see how things feel on the hair.

Use individual oils 3 ways – in a pre-poo – as a finishing oil – as an oil rinse etc – to get a feel for where it is most appropriate if at all.

Do the same with other ingredients. This is how new things get invented. This is how you come up with your best original ideas.

Plus it is a no pressure – fun way to learn how to formulate. Your best ideas will come when you are relaxed , playing, showering, sleeping, driving.

Fear and attachment is the enemy of creativity.

4. Don’t be a photocopy – transform yourself and become an original.

There is a process called reverse formulation – by which you can copy other peoples formulas. You just take the product you want to emulate to a lab or chemist and they can examine the proportions of the various ingredients in that product with the intent of replicating the formula (or something close to it) of that product.

Okay. Sometimes that is the best road to go down. Rarely, but sometimes.

The reason is that people do get bored seeing the same thing everywhere. And – you don’t know what the marketing machine is behind the product you are trying to compete with.

Your best ideas are marketing gold. But you have to be open to finding them through formulating them yourself.

The process of learning this changes who you are. You will have something useful that you will have learned that you can then transform and use 6 ways from Sunday.

The conditioner is just a golden egg. But you are the goose that can keep laying those eggs – when you learn to formulate.

Then when you learn how to Prosper in Beauty – the Madame CJ way – as outlined in my free signature Prosper in Beauty course – then you become someone who has a farm of golden egg laying geese.

Stop chasing gold. Become someone who can make gold.

5. Save Yourself a TON of money

Depending on where you go – a chemist or a lab will charge anywhere from hundreds to thousands of dollars for a single cosmetic formula. Usually this is the total of an hourly rate.

If you go to them with a working formula, that is either good to go or just needs a minor tweak or two – you will save yourself soooo much money.

For real.

Because when you go to a chemist with just an idea in your head and no formulating knowledge or experience – you are literally paying for all their guesswork and experiments for trying to magically reproduce this creation that only exists in your head.

IF you are dealing with a white male chemist – which is the majority of them out there – truth be told – you can imagine what that will be like.

Maybe you’ll be lucky and get someone who is a sista with natural hair.

Maybe you’ll get a non-black chemist who has experience formulating GOOD products for natural afro-textured hair that is not of the old school hair grease variety.

Even then – it will be cheaper and faster to go to him or her with a working idea of what you want.

Don’t throw money away. You will need that money for ordering whatever their minimum quantitiy is for manufacturing.

Lesson 3 - Marketing and Selling

The best question that I can get from someone wanting to get into the natural hair products business is “How can I market my brand.” My standard answer to this is to start with the end in mind.

You need to start this with the place where you want to end up one year from now (not 5 years) but one year from now in mind.

Then…you are going to reverse engineer your steps back to where you are now.

Most people will randomly choose and or formulate products, then come up with a marketing plan patched together on a wing and a prayer.

Please save yourself some heartache and don’t do this. And this is how you do this reverse engineering that I am speaking of.

First of all choose a niche – and be firm with that niche.

How do you do that?

Pay attention to the market. Watch the millions of youtube videos on natural hair tutorials and listen to what people are complaining about. This time watch it intelligently with your detective hat on and not your consumer identity. Take notes. Ask yourself where are people suffering. What issues are under-addressed that I am also interested in solving. Let that be your starting point.

Other good areas to look are:

A) – In your own life. If you are having an issue with your hair or your kids hair, and you meet at least 2 or 3 others suffering from the same in person or in the forums – there is a niche idea right there

B) Amazon. Look at both book reviews and hair product and hair tool reviews. What are people complaining about. On the reverse – what are people giddy about.

C) Forums and blogs dedicated or at least partially dedicated to black natural hair, like Naturally Curly and Black Hair Information

D) Curlmart product reviews

You want to identify the pain points. Then pick a niche that interests you and formulate your product specifically to soothe that pain.

Your product, and the education you provide for hair care in general needs to be the balm to that pain point.

That wins loyalty, trust and ultimately sales, because you are building your brand as an authority in that area. Position yourself to be the go to person in your niche, in that way.

No on cares what your brand does for someone with a completely different problem from them. They want to know what’s in it for me.

The next thing I suggest you do is dominate your niche through Education.

Teach people how to take care of the problems that are specific to that niche, independent of your product. Teach people how to take care of their hair. Share your process, your methods. Freely share techniques and educate people on the benefit of specific ingredients. Your products will literally sell themselves.

I learned how to do this when I was selling high end supplements and natural beauty products at the store I used to manage at a vegan retreat center I worked at back in the day. I made it my mission everyday, with every single guest to make them feel welcome, patiently answer all their questions without ever making anyone feel rushed or condescended too, and provide a lot of education on the products that they were scoping. The products in there were very sophisticated, very expensive, and for a first timer required a lot of background to understand.

I never once had to suggest that someone by something.

It always came from them, after a week or couple of days of spending time with me daily, they would load up their cart at the end of their retreat, and they would invariably have to ship home the goodies because it was too much to carry on the plane.

This was a huge aha for me.

So when you are positioning yourself for success, you are actually just being authentic, personable, knowledgeable (but in an inviting sort of way) and most importantly, in service to your customers. You work on being a good host and “selling” information for free.

It is obvious from the information that you provide, with a good feeling in your heart, with joy and grace and beauty, like you really are helping a friend, that this person needs your product. Your product will then sell itself.

So focus on choosing a niche. Creating a hair care process that works for that niche. Then creating a product. So when you are selling your product you are talking specifically to the needs of that niche, soothing their pain points and giving them education that will help them with their hair with or without their product.

That’s your edge.

Now you will want to learn how to share your edge. I recommend that you stick to the 2 platforms that you are on the most and are most comfortable with. Take courses on how to market on those platforms and be consisitent with that.

Keep things simple like this at first. Worry more about this than your brand colors and a pretty website and what not. This is your strongest selling suit.

Between that and email marketing with all roads leading to your product – you’re in like Flynn my friend. Your products will fly.

The Biggest Thing Holding You Back - And It's Not Money or Time.

You know what I have found that the biggest obstacle to moving forward for most people is….it is fear. It is not money. It is not education. It is not having the right information. It is just plain old fear.

​It's not even information.  

This was very surprising to me.

It was only when I would give away free premium info that I
would have begged someone to share with me when I was a struggling newbie – and they STILL did nothing with it – even one year later, that I realized that this was the main thing.

You can have all the resources you like, but the biggest thing is that you have got ot have a plan and a system in place for what to do when the fear comes up.

You also have to start realizing how fear cleverly disguises itself as a completely separate problem that is somehow preventing you from accomplishing your goals.

Fear can often look like:

- I don’t have enough time.

- I am too tired.

- Doing too many things and becoming overwhelmed.

- Being paralyzed and unable to move forward with no explanation.

- Not showing up for appointments with no solid reason for missing them.

- Not taking courses that you have paid good money for.

- Not looking after yourself – so you are for sure too sick and tired to succeed.

- Hanging out with people who are dream killers.

- Not nurturing your spiritual life or mindset so you can stay positive and motivated and guarded against negative influences.

- Not invoicing your clients.

- Not following through on your commitments.

- Etc etc

Where is your fear hiding?

What can you do about it?

- Be open to a solutions. Don’t focus on the problem. Which means don’t complain and get into pity parties. You can’t catch a solution when all you are focused on is what you do not have and can’t find and everything negative.

- I promise you there are free or attainable solutions everywhere. Stay open, and tuned in, and prayed up and fired up.

- When you become open to possiblitiy no matter WHAT is happening right now, solutions will fall from the sky. I kid you not. I’ve lived it.

- I am not religious per se – but am very spiritual and read all manner of good books from multiple religions. I listen to mindset motivational speakers and audios. I try to stay tanked up. When I don’t do this…I find it easier to get bogged down in the minutiae – the stupid stuff.

- Please don’t get taken out by stupid.

- Find mentors.

- Join entrepreneurial facebook groups free and paid.

- Create a support group yourself – either that meets in your living room or in a private facebook group that is by invite only so you know only the right people are coming.

- You are more likely to accomplish your goals if you can have accountability and the right kind of community. Because honestly speaking, friends and family are often the last people to understand what you are doing – because it is different – against the norm – and may even seem pie in the sky to them. They’re not trying to be haters – well at least most of them aren’t – but they just don’t get it and are trying to protect you. Well – the said thing is you will need to protect yourself by surrounding yourself with likeminded people who know that this dream is possible for them too.

- You need community!

- Keep your eyes on the prize

- Put an army in place behind you so you can’t back out. Trick yourself into showing up. Play the part of you that is a hustler and a dreamer against the part of yourself that sabotages you when you get ready to level up.

Mostly ask yourself the question that I found on a mug on the first birthday after my mom passed which I still keep to this day “What would you do if you knew you could not fail?” And I think this sentence alone says everything.

So if you are ready to clobber your fear and walk boldly through the doorway to the product line of your dreams, then you are going to love this offer I have put together for you.

I've put together a 60 page report detailing how you can make THE most important  component ANY product line for curly or coily, afro-textured hair....CONDITIONER

People may mess around with other stuff - but when you look at all the top problems that naturals face with their hair - the majority of them are solved by having a good conditioner and knowing how to use it.

In this e-book style report - I have divided into chapters for easier digestion - you will learn the basics - in plain English, and with all the scientific terms explained and demystified - the following:

Chapter 1: Components of a Conditioner  - Broken Down Into Plain English

Chapter 2: Conditioner Base Blocks - The Foundation of Formulating With Ease 

Chapter 3: Amazing Botanicals for Curlies - and The Best Places to Buy Them

Chapter 4: Incredible Oils for Curlies  - And The Best Places to Buy Them

Chapter 5: Ingredients to Avoid  - And Why

Chapter 6: Intuitive and Insightful Ingredient Mapping - Find a Niche and Create a Winning Formula for it.

Chapter 7: Templates  - This allows you to create your own recipes with ease

Chapter 8: Formulas - Actual Working Formulas That I Have Used and Sold If You Don't Want to Fuss With Calculating

Chapter 9: Resources - Where to Get The "What To Buy"s

Chapter 10: Other Courses Worth Considering 

There is also a special bonus chapter that serves as a shampoo primer.  Shampoos are so easy - you'll be shocked at how companies scam us for 5 cents worth of soap and water.

So by the end of this report you will be armed with the knowledge to make:

  • ​Rinse off conditioners
  • Deep Conditioners
  • Co-washes
  • Leave-in Conditioners
  • Clarifying Shampoo
  • Moisturizing Shampoos (and to know the key ingredient that differentiates that from a clarifying conditioner.

Save yourself thousands of dollars by either reading or working through this report BEFORE you approach a lab or chemist.  

This way you are not paying them $225 an hour to fool around and experiment trying to reproduce an idea that's in your head.

They can either use or tweak your existing, self-created formula.

Want the pride of having accomplished this all by yourself for pennies on the dollar?

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