An Invitation to make your first oil blend or whipped butter with help.

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Hi Friend,

So after talking to a lot of you on the phone, or via email, and through comments left on my YouTube channel, I have figured out some of the things that are holding people back from getting started.

Many people are able to take action after taking my free workshops, and downloading my free courses and pdf.

However, many more, even after having the information, feel stuck, limited, paralyzed and even fearful to take the next step - even when that step is pretty clear to them.

The thing is, sometimes we just need a little help and a little encouragement to get out the door.  

Other times we are overwhelmed by what seems like a monumental task.  

The truth is anything worth having takes time to do.  

Going through school, having a child, raising a family, building a client base, progressing in a job - all of these things take time to do.  

But none of these things are accomplished all at once.  It is the cumulative day by day showing up that adds up to the result you want.

Thankfully, making your first oil-based product is a lot easier.

For all the examples I mentioned above there are a ton of role models, mentors, relatives, systems and even public services (in some countries) in place that help you to do those things in the best and most appropriate way.

For starting a natural hair brand - the resources are fewer.

This is why I do what I do, because I remember what it was like to be where you are, feeling like I had zero support and no-one to help me move forward.

I do as much as I can for free, and even the free things take time for me to create.  

I also offer all my thoughts in one organized place, in the form of low cost books and workshops.  These also take time to curate and  represent a succint, DIY distillation of my accumulated knowledge and experience around specific areas.

My free and or low cost offerings are usually more than enough to get someone who really wants to do this, out the door.

However, some of us need contact with other human beings to thrive in our creativity.

Some of us cannot afford to make expensive mistakes.  

Some of us need someone else to high five when the product is made, poured into its container and that really pretty label gets slapped on the bottle.

We need to text someone a picture who knows for real, for real, what it took to get to "there."  Who knows the true meaning of that screen shot of your first sale, that comes from a stranger at the Farmer's Market or on the internet.

Some of us benefit from having a weekly plan, homework and being able to jump on the phone with someone who can talk us off the edge when something happens that tempts us into giving up.

The truth is - it isn't just about knowing what to do, it is having the guidance to implement that knowledge strategically, consistently and courageously.

The courage I am speaking about is not a false bravado about feeling no fear.

Here's what one of my favorite clients had to say about the Oils and Butters Coaching Package.  

Within 12 weeks of starting she had her first product made, 9 jars sold, and 2 local salons selling her fair trade whipped butter.  This all happened before she even had a website up or a social media presence.

Miriam Biza Muringai

Rustic Beauty

Harare, Zimbabwe​

I am glad I didn’t allow fear and doubting my capabilities prevent me from buying this coaching package. Working with Eden, I feel encouraged and loved, and not pressured in any way. She always makes the time for me no matter what. I am always learning so much, challenged and motivated to keep going.

Eden’s coaching is results oriented. I can see results – and I think we all can. It has given me the drive I need to achieve.

Frankly, I would recommend any of the coaching packages she offers, because she has the passion for what she teaches and coaches.

After coaching I am more open-minded and am so hopeful. I am upgrading to an expanded products line coaching package because there is so much room to dream bigger, so much more than we can think.

I have benefitted immensely from the coaching I have received and I know I can do so much more and offer so much more because the market is out there!

This kind of courage grows from moving through things that feel really uncomfortable and knowing that you are not alone in the experience; that someone who has not only survived the process, but has thrived as a result of it, is walking with you.

Some of us need that encouragement, guidance and camaraderie.​

Getting a coach, in any field, is one of the best and kindest ways to crack whip on your own behind.

With coaching you put measures in place that pressure you (the good kind of pressure) to:

- move forward decisively.

- to limit procrastination.

- to minimize the possibility of expensive mistakes.

- and to eliminate the self-defeating behaviors that sometimes catch up to us when we feel isolated and no-one around us is dialed into our vision.

Some of us require more hands on help - which time.  

And boy am I guarded about my time.  

You can understand that right?  We have so little of it.  We are being pulled in all directions so we have to choose well, how we spend our time.

I choose to spend that level of one-on-one time, with people who are dead serious about moving forward.

Usually, I charge a premium, for that amount of time, but given the simplicity of an oil-based product, I am able to share this extremely affordable introductory coaching offer that gives you the things you need from a coaching relationship, and that also ​compensates me ... for my time.

It is not so much that it will break the bank, but it is enough for you to be serious about showing up.

On average, people need about $600 to make their first high quality oil based product.

 Spending $499 or $699 (for 2 oil-based products) to make sure you do it right, is $499 well spent in my opinion.

You don't want to  throw good money away by:

- doing the wrong things.

- buying the wrong ingredients.

- possibly from the wrong places.

- or even for the wrong purpose.

There is a gap in the market, in the availability of high quality, natural oils for hair and skin.  This is the perfect time to make your move.

Sure people do things themselves in their homes - but that is not the majority of people.

And clearly - someone hellbent on doing something themselves at home, to save money, is not your customer.  They just aren't - okay?  And that is alright.  Not every walking body with hair and skin is going to be your customer.  Another thing I set you straight on - because we do get sucked into that mentality, especially when we start to feel desparate.

The truth is that there will always be people out there who are DYING to become your customer.

 Most people get sick of DIY, or even don't want to ever go near it.  That is why the beauty industry rakes in the trillions that it does every year world wide.​

If people can find something beautiful, and effective, that they can afford to buy - they'll buy it.​

It might as well be you selling it to them.

If you want help in figuring out what to make, how to make it, who to sell it to and how to find the people who want to buy your ​creation - then I am happy to work with you.

This is what you get when you sign up for this Oils & Butters Coaching Package:

    1. Help defining your niche.
    2. Specific formulation of a product customized to a tee, to address the hair or skin concerns of your niche.
    3. ​Guidance with label creation and packaging decisions.
    4. Definitive guidance in pricing your product  for market compatibility and for maximum profit.
    5. Help with content creation for your web store.  (You will be responsible for creating your store or website - but I will tell you the specific things that need to go in there, and where they need to appear to maximize trust and therefore sales.
    6. I will help you narrow down your sales strategy so you can hit the ground running.
    7. Unlimited text and email access to me.
    8. Up to 3 long coaching calls if needed (usually 2 are enough) and when necessary we can jump on the phone for 10-15 minutes - impromptu - when required.

I can only give my full attention to 8 oil coaching clients at a time.  

Please only register if you are heaven bent on succeeding no matter what.  

You need to have about $600 set aside, (in addition to your $499-$699 coaching fee) either all at once or spread out over 2-3 months to make sure you can actually implement the coaching.  

That will  cover all your ingredient and packaging investments.  

If you choose to build a website around your product, as opposed to going with some of the "free" avenues of selling online,  you will need to save for that separately.  

I know how much time it will take just to get you started.  It is way more than my usual $149/ hour consultation fee.  

For that reason I am not offering refunds on this package.  On your end - it is more than a bargain.  On my end - I get the joy and privilege of helping yet another entrepreneur get her or his beauty product wings.

I am ready for more people of color to be producers in this industry.  Aren't you? I said, please be sure you want to move forward, be ready to roll up your sleeves, and be convinced that I can actually help you before you register.

Watch the oils playlist I put together on YouTube to figure out whether you would want to work with me or not.​

I look forward to working with you if you feel that this offer resonates with​ you.  

If this offer is not right for you at this time, or doesn't draw your heart in - then I look forward to seeing you in my YouTube community and other areas I hang out in online anyway.

Thanks for reading and watching.

Whatever you decide...please, just keep moving forward.

Peace and blessings