Module 3:  Pricing

Intro to Pricing

In this video I give you an overview of the pricing module, how it ties in with niching and ingredient mapping, and why all of this matters.  I also let you know what to expect from the videos that come after this one.

Video 1:  Intro to Pricing

Link to the International Suppliers PDF Here - For where to buy your ingredients.

How to Price a Single Product:  Simple Formula

- Baby Oil Example

Video 2:  Pricing a Single Product (Easy Example)​

Video 3:  Let's Map Out Our Calendula Care Baby Line

Video 4:  Let's Look at How to Price a More Complex Product

Video 5:  Pricing Q & A


​Questions answered in this video:

I am not sure how to change my essential oils from ml to grams since all the oils have different densities. Is there a way to do this?

And if not what is the best way to calculate the price of essential oils for formulas?

If I buy 10ml of lavender essential oil for $2.00 and use 0.6g in a formulation how do I establish the cost of 0.6g used?

​Questions answered in this video:

​Why are bulk products cheaper?

​Questions answered in this video:

  1. Are there industry guidelines on margins for different product types or it’s purely dependant on brand perception and product quality?