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Hey, I’m Eden!

For over 20 years I’ve helped women do two things well:

(1) DIY their first natural beauty product for use at home.

(2)Create their first natural beauty product so they can profitably sell it online, on shelves and locally to their best clients.

You're in the right place if you wish to start a beauty brand, and you need help with :

  • Crafting natural, exquisite, store-quality products for; Natural Hair, Facial Skincare, Bath & Body, Men's Grooming, Mom & Baby, or Home Scents.
  • Sourcing bulk bases for any of the above niches.
  • Going direct to manufacturing within any of the above niches.
  • Marketing strategies SPECIFIC to YOUR niche in the beauty industry.
  • Identifying your niche and deciding on your initial product offering (s)

I am foremost a mother of two young people, which is why I run my business from home.

I was born and raised in Zimbabwe, but I currently reside in Phoenix, Arizona with my family.  I moved to the United States for college, and have built my entire adult life here for 24 years and counting. 

My international background, “Off-the-beaten-path” work experiences and diverse family have gifted me the opportunity and ability to relate to all kinds of folks from many places.

Consequently, I have attracted a client base as diverse as my life experiences.

You will enjoy working with me if:

- You would love to have complete ownership for the feel and mission of your brand, but need step by step strategy, guidance and encouragement to make that dream product line a concrete reality….EVEN IF….you have a full time job and other life obligations.

- Want an experienced eye to help you position yourself authentically and uniquely in an ever changing natural beauty landscape.

- Demand that your partners be not just tolerant, but embracing of entrepreneurs of color.

- Expect your mentors to be knowledgeable and encouraging of fair trade and ecologically sustainable business practices.

- Need your marketing and visibility strategies to be authentic, to actually fully serve people and to be effective without feeling sleazy.

Fun Facts

- My first beauty product was soap that I made in a high school science fair. Even though the resulting pebbles were hard, lumpy and scented with Johnson & Johnson’s Baby Cologne – those suckers sure did lather! I was in love with the process. Science finally had a purpose. That’s how I caught the bug.

- When my son was born, I cut off 7 years of locks – that got used by the award winning stylist V. Davis. And yes….she slayed that show too. Look at the ball on that model’s head! That was my 5 seconds of fame on a runway! Pictures below:

I’ve included a few “easy” links below to help you get to what you need faster​...

- Watch my tutorials and insights on my Youtube channel to get started.

- Want to work together? Visit my Shop or Consult page.

- Occasionally, I put on workshops here in Phoenix.

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