About Sacred Commerce Coaching and Consulting

You can either listen to the audio, or read the letter below it to learn about what it is like to work with me, one on one.

Dear Merchant Priest or Priestess,

You understand, that through your beauty business, you have a sacred opportunity to impact humanity positively, and uplevel the vibration of the whole planet through:

- At bare minimum, raising the standard of what is seen as acceptable, and at best – what is dreamed of as possible for beauty products.

- Your innate knowledge that plants are allies, and they are medicine, and that the benefit of botanicals is beyond their topical & cosmetic value, it is also energetic.

- Your agreement with your own soul, that spreading unconditional love and joy is the real endgame behind your product offering.

- That who you are, as you are, is not just enough for your branding, it is actually glorious; it is the magic that will make your brand special.

- Your understanding that every Being, human or otherwise, is part of the Divine tapestry. All threads matter. You have finally accepted that it is your spiritual obligation to be loyal to your own, unique, Divine blueprint. Your blueprint matters because it is part of the larger Divine picture for this world.

- Mother Earth is alive, and deserves to be respected and protected in the same way that she does that for us.

That all sounds well and good, but on a practical level ...



- You are deeply spiritual and yearn to infuse that into every area of your life, even business.

- You know without a shadow of a doubt that working with botanicals in some capacity is part of your divine blueprint and life path.

- You already have a spiritual practice (yes – even if you aren’t consistent with it), and lean on your intuition and Spirit, God, the Universe for guidance.

- You know that the internet is not going away, and that you have to learn to use it for your benefit, instead of allowing your fear of it to squeeze you out of your birthright of a life of freedom.

- You know that a shift in consciousness is happening, and that your business is only in alignment with your soul if it is somehow contributing to this great Awakening.


- You want the freedom to be yourself, but know that without structure and strategy, the hill to your goal is too steep, and you might slide off.

- You want sound, effective, safe formulas, but still want some creative control of the process. You’re done with being bullied into adding toxic ingredients by traditionally trained chemists who will argue with you that they are safe.

- You are tired of non-responsive manufacturers and need someone to project-manage the scope of this endeavor with or for you.

- You desire clear communication and a clear picture of what is actually happening with progress towards your dream, each step of the way.

- You have a strong sense of social justice, yet don’t want to get mired down in victim mentality. You see the ills of the world and they break your heart. However, you know that you are best equipped for chipping away at them by staying in your highest frequency and getting strong financially so you can have a greater impact and make a lasting difference.

However, how on earth to do you tie that together with traditional ecommerce and business practices?


Knowing a little bit about what I believe, will help you understand my intention with this offering more deeply.

I believe:​

- A New Economy is afoot, one where being an entrepreneur is vital and unavoidable if we wish to thrive in the decades ahead. This can look like having an actual business that you own, or it can look like bringing your entrepreneurial mindset to the workplace, to thrive in your chosen employment opportunity.

- There can be no real freedom, lasting peace or all-encompassing love on the Earth, without social justice. No matter how far ahead I may go, I am as far behind as the person who is furthest behind.

- Capitalism does not have to be ruthless. Sacred Commerce is a way in which all involved (merchants, customers and communities) can gain and even thrive, leaving love and beauty in its wake.

- So why don’t I just write a book or do a free training helping people do this?  I will, and I have. However, because I believe that when each one teaches one, the greatest impact is made.

- Sacred Commerce Coaching is where I do my highest level of work.

I pour my heart and soul into our weekly meetings and I only work with beautypreneurs who are ready to bring their A game to the birthing of their brand.

- If you are a spiritual person. If you are a Merchant Priestess, you already know that there really aren’t a lot of tools or programs that will combine botanicals, heart and soul centered commerce with knowledge about the digital space.

- You are required to take 3 different programs – honestly maybe even 7, and have to piece it together yourself.

- This process of piecing together bits and pieces has the effect of scattering your focus and draining your energy.

- If things get too hard it can actually hurt people and they can become so despondent that they turn their disappointment inward and blame themselves.

- This unkindness to one’s own spirit can easily become a dreamkiller

There is also a prevalence of externally directed misinformation, where people are way behind on trends or completely misreading them. It really was not that long ago that natural hair entrepreneurs were being told there was no value in what they were aspiring to bring forth. That there wasn’t a market for it.

The ones who were both observant and internally directed, were able to perservere, with their intuition and personal experience as their guide. Now they are reaping huge rewards.

As I am writing and reading this, just today I was asked what makes me different.

What makes me different from the myriad of people you could work with to bring your vision to life, is that your whole process will be spiritually directed, and that you will truly have the stamp of your own soul, your unique Divine Blueprint, on your product.

My program is a one stop shop where you will learn how to create, build your platform and sell.

I do not do cookie-cutter coaching. The attention you receive from me will be

- Detailed.

- Consistent

- Personalized

- Honest

My bargain with god

- Me doing this work is both a soul contract, a way to honor my divine blueprint – as well as how I allow myself to tap into my highest frequency and shine my light, and add my drop in the bucket of upgrading the vibration of the whole planet and of humanity.

- Long ago when I was trying to figure out how in the heck to get this (Formulating more complex formulas, on my own without a chemist) in a plea of desperation I asked God, The Universe, The Force that Conspires to Bring Everything Together, I said “If you could just help me figure this out, I promise when I’m done and feel confident, that I’ll help other people figure this out too.”

So here I am – keeping my end of the bargain. This is why I offer so many tiers – ranging from detailed free courses, to this more exclusive coaching program.

Because this is my most time intensive offering, that requires so much of my creative, spiritual and physical energy, and that one irreplaceable resource – time – it is also one of my highest priced offerings.

Are you ready to do your part?

You deserve to be seen and fully supported in birthing your vision. I have created this sacred container in which you will find the wings to co-create, with me as your guide, a soul-centered botanical brand. Even if you choose the manufacturing route, you will still be able to produce your old-world feeling beauty products, in a way that is fitting for the digital age.