Yay!  So glad to hear you're amped to do this with me.

Ready to make the first 4 products?

Yes!  So am I!

Video 1:  Intro to Shadow Me While I Oggboo - So You're Clear On Exactly How This Works

Link To DIY & Freelanced Branding For Oggboo

Video 2:  Ingredient Map For First 4 Products

Video 3:  Oggboo Regimen for Free Hair & Protective Styling

(Remember we are selling regimen and building a culture - not just selling products.  Seamless marketing HAS to be centered around a regimen.  So do your research and create one!)

Video 4:  Deciding on sizes and initial quantity of units.

BONUS VIDEO:  Side Hustle Sally (Feb, March & April 2019)- Keeping It Real - How Can I Afford All This? - What Andrews & I Do To Fund Our Dreams

Video 5:  Let's go shopping!  Creating Our Order List

Video 6:  Pricing Our Products

Video 7:  Lets Create Our Experimental Recipes

Video 8:  Results From Experiments & Tweaks That I Made

Video 9:  Making the Primer - Demo Video

Video 10:  Making the Refresher - Demo Video

Video 11:  Making the Treatment Oil - Demo Video

Video 10:  Making the Finishing Oil - Demo Video

Video 10:  Making the Facial Oil - Demo Video


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