Shampoo & Conditioner Bars

A Prosper in Beauty Masterclass Series

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Shampoo and Conditioner Bars

  Who are they great for?


  • Even a baby born with a lot of hair still has relatively fine hair texture. There is nothing simpler than being able to swipe a bar a couple of times through your baby’s hair and know that you’ve got enough product to get the job done.


  • Whether you are wanting to lessen your TSA fatigue on your next flight, avoid spills in your luggage, or just don’t want the heaviness of full sized product bottles on your next family camping trip, there’s no doubt about it, a shampoo or conditioner that fits in your palm and is light as a feather is all kinds of convenient.


  • Let’s get real. Plastic waste is steadily trashing the Earth, and we only get one.  One Earth.  That's it. Our planet is not disposable or replaceable. Shampoo & conditioner bars can be easily packaged in biodegradable paper boxes. They are also easier to ship as they require less packing and securing against spills.


  • Almost every person that I have spoken to who wants to create a shampoo or conditioner bar has mentioned a strong desire to stand out from the crowd.

    Are there some on the market already?

    Well, of course there are. However, there are nowhere near enough. Even most of the popular mainstream brands still don’t have shampoo or conditioner bars. This is a great time to get in the game :)

In this 2 class series you will learn how to formulate, then easily make:

  • Clarifying shampoo bars

  • Moisturizing/ Conditioning Shampoo Bars

  • Co-wash bars

  • Rinse Out Conditioner Bars

Modifications will be given for all hair textures, from straight and fine to coily and thick.

Lifetime access to class recordings is also available for those who can’t make it live.

Shampoo Bars Class:  Pre-recorded and available immediately after purchase.

Conditioner Bars Class:​  Pre-recorded and available immediately after purchase.

Why is this class price so low?

  • Because I want every person who is serious about building a beauty business, who also desired to work with me, to have a chance to do so at an affordable price.  

  • This gives you an opportunity to gain some knowledge and get a feel for my teaching style and general outlook on how I approach building a beauty business. These classes are a great, no-risk way to decide if investing in working 1-to-1 with me on your product line is something that you desire and are ready for.

    Meet Your Instructor

    ​Hey There My Colleague in Beauty,

    My name is Eden Croft, and I live in sunny Phoenix, Arizona with my two children.

    I help aspiring beautypreneurs like you make or source their first line of natural beauty products, for skin or hair, and sell them profitably.

    I have been making and selling natural beauty products for close to 20 years now, and have been actively teaching others to do the same for 4 years.

    My friends and family would be so grateful if you came to this class.  I have talked to them about shea butter until they are blue in the face.  They just couldn't bear to hear another word.

    Maybe I'll see you live in one of these classes, or in the Facebook group, along with other passionate beautypreneurs.  We can talk about hair ingredients until the cows come home, then - we can talk to the cows.  :)​