The Last Shampoo Creation Instructions You Will Ever Need Are  Here, Only If...

  • You prefer to hear all the sciency stuff broken down into plain English.
  • You'd rather start with formulas and templates made strictly for tight coils and curls, and other textures of natural black hair, instead of having to tweak the heck out of formulas made for naturally straight hair types.
  • You don't want to pay hundreds of dollars for a course that drags on and on and you want your info dripped to you in 3 short weeks in digestible bite-sized pieces.
  • You like having the option between both written info and visual demos.
  • You like to be able to ask questions about what you're learning when needed.
  • $49 sounds like a sweet deal for all that you'll get below:
  • Video 1 – What is a shampoo really, besides thickened soapy water?

    Video 2 What is a Clarifying Shampoo

    Video 3 What is a Detangling Shampoo

    Video 4 Components of a Hair Care Line

    Shampoo Primer – 15 pages of theory, templates, formulas all in plain English that make you wonder why you ever thought that making a shampoo would be hard.

    Access to FB group where there are other secret files for you to enjoy, that include;

    Carrier Oils Primer

    Botanicals Primer

    Ingredient Sourcing Primer – for US, Canada, Australia, South Africa, UK


    I am available almost daily to answer your questions in the group

    Support and fellowship with other beautypreneurs

    Week 2

    Video 5 – basic Equipment you’ll need for making your shampoo

    Video 6 – The importance of Measuring & how to use your scale

    Video 7 – An intro to natural thickeners

    Week 3

    Video 8 – Demo of 2 clarifying shampoos – one simple and another more complex one.

    Video 9 – Demo of 2 moisturizing shampoos – one creamy and another that is a bit more clear

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*Upcoming workshops include conditioners (all kinds), styling products for natural hair (all kinds), facial care products (all kinds), bath and body care products, marketing (FB Ads, Instagram, Pinterest, Email, Funnels); Selling on Etsy, Amazon or Shopify; How to Create and Structure Your Own Website; Mindset Workshops.  Some of these classes will be taught by guest experts.