Hey Beauty Friend!  Welcome to your Face and Bodywash Mini-Course.

Each week's material is updated every Sunday, starting December 9th.

Video 1:  Welcome & Intro - How to Navigate this course

Week 1:

Video 1:  Choose a Niche

So in addition to the plethora of videos that you can go back to in Module 1 on why and how to niche, here is a quick audio that reminds you of the whys and hows of niching.

Video 2:  Create a Regimen

Video 3:  What is a Skin Cleanser, Really?​

Documents for this week

Niche ideas

Niche Selection worksheet

Ingredient Mapping Worksheet​

Week 2: 

Video 4:  Components of a Skincare Line

Video 5:  Thickeners Video

Video 6:  Basic Head to Toe Skin Cleanser Video, with Irish Moss

Video 6.2:  Reverse Calculating Formula
Percentages For Our Basic Cleanser with Irish Moss

Documents for this Week

Formula for Basic Irish Moss Cleanser

This module was interrupted due to ill health on my part.  It will be completed in the Fall of 2019!​