It's time to turn those browsers into buyers. 


Websites that Wow!

This is a 3-Part Workshop series, specifically showing you how to hand-hold your customer to the sale, by virtue of your words and product positioning on the internet.

Click here if you came here from an email or FB post or DM, and are ready to register for the workshop. 

Alternatively, if you have no clue what this offer is about, then I invite you to keep reading.  :)

Dear Aspiring Beautypreneur,

If any of the following statements ring true for you, please keep reading because I believe that I can help you.

1. You know you've got something amazing to share, but no-one is buying.

2. People are buying and loving the product you sell, but you really need more new buyers at a faster rate.

3. You are getting ready to share your amazing offerings online.


​I feel you.  

Hi.  My name is Eden Croft, and I help aspiring beautypreneurs launch and profitably sell their first line of natural beauty products for skin or hair.

One of the reasons I began this journey of teaching and sharing everything I know about creating, sourcing and selling high-quality botanical beauty that there was an element that was missing.

As a person who has sold high-end retreats (like $14-21K for 3 weeks high end) for a bestselling holistic author, and $149 whole food powders and $80 serums etc ...

I saw a gaping hole in the natural beauty products market.

Internet marketers are usually focused on teaching people how to sell services and coaching.

Of the people selling products, no one is really honing in on how to SELL beauty products.

Instead they're focused solely on how to source or create them.  (And not even strategically with selling in mind at that.  Meaning, not teaching people to create their line as a complete and comprehensive system, rather than a hodge-podge of random items thrown together.)

One of the things that I hear more often than I'd like, is "I want my product to be reasonable."

People really aren't aware that there is a whole group of people, in will NOT buy something that they perceive as cheap.

But let's just say - you manage to create a product that is in your perception "reasonable."

How do you persuade someone that your product is superior to all the other "reasonable" products at Wal-Mart or the Family Dollar? 

(Perhaps the more important question might be the underlying reasons why you are hell-bent on being in the same aisle as Vaseline and the $3 orange and blue hair greases....but that's a whole other workshop .... isn't it?)

Why should they pay shipping and then wait for days for it to arrive on their doorstep when they could have solved the problem of dry hair or rashy skin in an afternoon?

You have to take them on a journey that:

1. Awakens them to their problem.

2. Positions you as the best-qualified person to help them solve their problem.

3. Makes your offer so compelling, that either right this second, or in any one of the next 7 times they bump into you, they will pull out their credit card (or a wad of cash if you're in person) and buy from you.

​You see, what is in fact "reasonable" to the end consumer is the product that makes the most sense emotionally for the discomfort that they are experiencing.

Your customer will do the work to figure out HOW to afford it if you communicate your value proposition well enough.

If you are competing purely on price - the most reasonable thing inevitably becomes the $3 product made by a multi-national conglomerate that has been in business since your grandmother was a young girl.  

It is unreasonable to set yourself up to compete with someone whose pockets are that deep.

What you are competing on is value, and that value is something that is purely subjective, and if your ideal customer doesn't understand the value of your product, it is only because you've failed to communicate it adequately.

If after reading this registration page, if you can actually afford the cost of this workshop series and you don't buy it - it is because I have failed to communicate the value of it to you.

Period.  Full stop.  The end. 

That being said....​

How do you plant that seed that makes you unforgettable?

How do you give them that beauty epiphany that changes the way they look at self-care period?

How do you make your Etsy Store, website, brochures, in-person selling or however you come in contact with your tribe feel compelling?

Now - I am assuming you are proud as heck of your product and know it works.

If not - fixing that before you start selling your experiments to people should be your first order of business.

That being said - if you are interested in learning how to create copy that converts, specifically for beauty products, be it on printed matter or the internet, click here to register. 

I hope to see you in class and in the private FB group!  

Thanks for your time and attention.