Welcome to your Complimentary Pricing Workshop

Once you've watched the 2 videos below, you have the option to either

a) Upgrade yourself to the full Strong Foundations Package, which includes a detailed mini course on niching, another on Ingredient Mapping and much more detail on pricing your products appropriately.  If you implement all 3 foundations, and combine it with a good product/ line and marketing, you cannot fail.

b) Upgrade to have a one on one consult with me.  The Beauty Roadmap is a great place to start if you have been thinking about working with me one on one. 

c) Just take copious notes, enjoy and take advantage of this very thorough complimentary workshop, and stick around on the mailing list for future freebies, just like this, that I only save as a thank you for my most loyal subscribers. 

If you choose this route, do let me know if this was helpful to you.  Just shoot me a note at eden@prosperinbeauty.com - entitled - Free pricing workshop - with your feedback.

If you're too shy, no worries.  Your successfully implementing this knowledge, and thus avoiding my pitfalls of yesteryear is all the thanks I need.​

Wishing ALL the blessings to you, in your life and in your business.



VIDEO 1:  What are the basics of pricing that you MUST know?

VIDEO 2:  Pricing a simple Product:  How to find the x and create a basic pricing structure based on size and ideal customer use of product.

VIDEO 3:  Bonus video that shows you how the 4 foundations of niching, ingredient mapping, pricing and marketing work together.