You've got your body butter, beard balm or face oil down, but now your customers are asking you about cleansers.

Eddie Murphy and John Witherspoon in 1992's iconic movie - Boomerang

Well've got to coordinate!

I do not think that a cleanser is the most important part of your skincare line. Really, it shouldn’t be.

However, no matter how pore-minimizing your toner, hydrating your serum, or nourishing your cremes, eventually your customer will need to wash their face and body.


The key thing is to make sure your cleanser is:

  • Not too harsh (AKA, sulfate-free.)
  • pH-balanced.
  • Of a pleasant texture.  Technically you can mix any soapy substance with water​ and you will have a cleanser, however, who wants to buy a bodywash that just pours out the bottle like water?
  • Complements the rest of the line.  (He may be everyone's crazy uncle, but John Witherspoon isn't lying -   you do have to coordinate.)
  • An appropriate sized container in relation to the task at hand.
  • At the appropriate price point in relation to your more expensive anchor products - (usually your oils, moisturizing cremes and butters.)

Your Face & Bodywash Course will leave you feeling completely capable to create or source your own signature face or bodywash for your women's, kids or men's grooming line.

We'll cover:

- Breaking down the components of a skin cleanser so you can reconstruct your own.

- Figuring out what kind of botanicals to use to enhance your creation or bulk base if you choose to source one.

- Formulating your own skin cleanser.

- Step by step product-making processes with 4 demo formula videos, complete with close up shots.

- Have access to valuable ingredient, formulation and sourcing primers from my private archive.

- Get a list of bulk bases appropriate for gentle skin-cleansers from USA, Canada, ​the UK, Australia and South Africa.

- Access to my private FB group full of go-getters who are further along and always willing to help, plus a great place to ask me anything you like, whether it’s cleanser related or not.

All modules are pre-recorded​ and you'll have lifetime access to them. 

Even the live Q & A at the end of the course is recorded as well, and you can send questions in ahead of time if you can't make it live.

This class is designed to be accessible to you from wherever you may be in the world, and no matter how hectic your schedule, or how much of a beginner you are.​

I want as many of you to be able to afford this as possible, so I am keeping the investment low, at just $25 for the early birds, so you'll have more cash to spend on ingredients and packaging.

The regular price of this mini-course is $49.  Take advantage of this special pricing because it won't last long.

I hope to see you​ in our private FB group, that I limit to serious beautypreneurs only, or ... the very least I'd love to read your name on the email list for sending out course-access links to you and your future beauty colleagues.

​So...are you ready to coordinate?

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