The Teeny Tiny Offer Workshop With Guest Expert Maya Gaddie

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I am willing to bet money that you have something that you know how to do that;

- Comes easy to you. In fact it is so natural, that you don’t understand why other people have difficulty with it.

- Perhaps it didn’t come naturally, but you are so obsessed with it you gladly took the time to gather loads of experience on the subject matter.

- People regularly approach you for advice about it, because you know so much about it.

- If it were a category on “Jeopardy” it would be the first one you would pick.

- You’re in FB groups and subscribed to YT channels dedicated to this topic, and every 4th post in your IG feed is on your hobby or passion project.



Well my friend, even if you wouldn’t call yourself that, YOU are an EXPERT.

Did you know that people will gladly pay you for your expertise?

No matter how much you judge yourself for not being qualified, articulate, plain ready enough to start teaching, you really can actually teach this stuff.


Ready to meet someone I believe to be the very best person, to help you create your very first Teeny Tiny Offer? 

Watch the video below to learn how one of my go to mentors helped me create a solid stream of income that supplements my family's income and will help me take my product to manufacturing.


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Apply coupon newstream14 at checkout for $14 off - taking your investment down to a steal at just $25.

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Meet Your Guest Expert - Maya Gaddie

Maya Gaddie is a Signature Program Mentor.  Since 2011 she's been helping women leverage what they know, using the resources they have right now, into creating profitable signature programs.

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Meet Your Host - Eden Croft

Eden Croft is a self-taught botanical designer.  She helps aspiring beautypreneurs design, source, formulate or manufacture their first natural beauty product line, and then sell it profitably.

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